Tsukiji's Curse

The Tsukiji fish market was located in Tsukiji in central Tokyo. It's recognized as the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world; Due the urban transformation for the Olympic Games 2020, It was planned for Nov 2016 to close the doors and to be relocated; An unpopular measure due its 80-year history. At new placement in the Toyosu district, it was found dangerous levels of chemicals in the soil and ground water. After a decontamination process with huge controversial, finally, Tsukiji was moved on Oct 2018.

As if someone cursed it, the Olympic Games 2020 it was postponed due the covid-19 pandemic; Nowadays are rescheduled for 2021 with huge restrictions to sports events, only local people are allowed. Recent polls manifest the disagreement of more than 80% about celebrating this Olympic Games.